Pilot Program & Scale-Up


Pilot Program Impact

In 2014, we implemented a small-scale pilot program with three sellers and 230 regular clients. Impacts included:

  • Sellers have approximately 70 clients each and earn twice as much as monthly rent.
  • 1,400 people potentially impacted by the Handwashing Intervention (based on average household size of seven).
  • 65% of clients improved handwashing behaviors by using soap more consistently, within 6 weeks of intervention launch.
  • Overall impacts of the intervention were statically significant and were submitted for publication in an academic journal.
HW Intervention_pg

Project Scale-Up

We are planning a slow scale-up of a three-year period, starting in 2016. Projections include:

  • Partnering with 105 sellers and 10,500 clients within three years.
  • Sellers can earn enough to feed, clothe, and house a family of 7 (based on an updated business model).
  • 73,500 people may be impacted by the Handwashing Intervention within 3 years (based on an average household size of 7)
  • Additional evaluation is planned to assess behavior-change and sustainability of impact (handwashing behaviors) and outcomes (reduction of diarrhea).

In 2016, we are partnering with the New Generation Boulder Rotary Club and the Kilimani-Alfajiri Rotary Club based in Nairobi. We will be working with 35 sellers, 3,500 households, and 24,500 people.